Let’s go to Fez!

Let’s go to Fez!

The spiritual and cultural Capital!

Fez is one of the most popular cities in Morocco.
It is an imperial city such as Marrakech, Rabat…
It is necessary to have two or more days to visit this city.
Fez has many treasures, a beautiful architecture with its luxury Riad hotels and palaces which show Morocco's wealth.

As in most all the Moroccan towns, Fez had been built around a “Medina” (Old town).
In Fez, the most interesting thing is the Medina, and its architecture.
There are many streets, and sometimes people get lost... the Medina is like a labyrinth!
At the entrance of this Medina, there are gates and taxis can not enter!
You can find a lot of handcrafts in the Medina.
Then, visit the tanners' quarters, visit the Karaouine Mosque, visit some typical shops and do some shopping.

Around Fez, I recommend that you visit the town of Ifrane.
Ifrane has been selected as the second world's town, because its air is pure.

Special event in Fez.

Each year there is a music festival:
Spiritual music in Fez – World's sacred music
It is a popular event in Fez, and many people come from every part of the globe.
This event gives a universal dimension of Fez and is dedicated to tolerance, spirituality and open mindedness.
Each evening, you can see international artists, and listen to different types of world music.
There is a hot ambiance in the streets of this city.

The royal Family.

Did you know this?
Princess Lalla Salma  (The wife of  King Mohamed VI) was born  in Fez.
She is the first lady of Morocco.
She is a very beautiful person, and she has two children: Princess Lalla Khadija and Prince Moulay Hassan
Princess Lalla Salma is also very active in associations against cancer and other good causes.
She helps her husband in many royal duties and she travels a lot across the world.

The royal family lives in Rabat.
But, in every main city, Mohamed VI has a Royal palace.

The Moroccan people like the Royal family, and you will see in all shops, and in many houses, a photograph of King Mohamed VI with his family.