Let’s go to the desert!

Let’s go to the desert!

I'd like to tell you about the desert over and over again.
So, do you know what the desert can offer?

It's a place to relax.

It is the best place to feel real life, because in the desert, you have nothing!

Nature is the best place for your spirit.
Walk only 3 hours in desert and you’ll feel much better than before.
You'll be surprised by its silence.
Your mind will be free.
You'll find happiness.

It's now time to go to the desert with your family and friends or alone.

You will never forget such a unique experience.

I advise you spend a magical night in a luxury camp with a thousand stars up-above  – It's a fantastic experience!

Also, I suggest you meet a nomad family, to discover their life style.
They live in their nomad tent with all the family: they have no water; no electricity and no mobile phone.
Can you imagine this?
They are poor but they have a smile on their faces.

I encourage you visit an oasis in the desert.
You may see vegetable fields under palm trees and the irrigation system.

I also suggest, discovering the sand dunes! You can camel back ride!
It shall be the best way to appreciate the different desert landscapes.
Camels are desert animals:
they walk slowly; they are very quiet; and they can walk on hot sand. It’s amazing!

Now imagine the desert:
Being amazing, magical, and spiritual but it’s also harsh.
It’s also said that the desert is mystical!

You will have a thousand emotions in the desert... It'll become your passion like mine...!