This camp is one of the most luxurious of the Erg Chebbi in Merzouga

The camp is made up of 5 luxury tents providing a very high level of quality service.
Each tent has a stylish design, refined decoration, an excellent level of comfort and high quality services.

It is one of the finest bivouacs in Merzouga.

Possible activities:
Walk over the dunes
Camel ride
See the sunset and sunrise
Admire the star-studded sky

Evening entertainment:
Song, music, dance

Please note:

Electricity is solar generated, and water is drawn directly from the source in the ground.
Everything has been designed to ensure maximum comfort while respecting nature and the environment.

Other info
Sunset at the top of a dune, over an evening drink:
A low table is set up on the top of a dune each evening. As the sun starts to set, mats and lanterns are arranged around the table. You will fully appreciate the moment when the sky becomes an array of fiery colours.

Sunrise on top of a dune:
What a unique experience to wait for the rising sun!
You will be rewarded with a coffee after climbing to the top of the dune ...
And then just savour the moment!

Special birthday or honeymoon evening ...
Includes Berber dinner in a private tent: Romantic atmosphere, candles ...
Also includes a half bottle of wine and a half bottle of champagne - Short camelback ride at sunset.
Surprise in the evening!

PRICE for children:
Free for under 5
6 to 12 year olds : 60 euros
13 to 18 year olds : 115 euros

You will be greeted by people from the desert:
Kind, helpful, humble and attentive men
They epitomise the desert: mysterious, discreet, solitary and endearing all at the same time.

To make the utmost of this experience you should ideally stay two nights.
Everything is incredibly beautiful, so impressive, that you will wish for time to stand still.

The cooking is excellent
Harira, giant couscous, tajine with prunes, large fruit basket, mint tea ...
It is delicious and exquisite!

Price per pers. half-board with camel : 230 euros
Price per pers. with romnatic evening : 330 euros
Price per pers. including New Year's Eve : 390 euros