Once you get here you will not want to leave!
It is here that you should stop to enjoy life!

The property is in an imposing and abundant natural setting.
The height of the palm trees will have you dreaming, the lush, flower-filled gardens will amaze every visitor.
The residence blends in perfectly in this dream-like natural setting made up of plantations, orchards, kitchen gardens, decorative gardens...
The 16 m x 8 m swimming pool is superb

The residence has 7 suites and rooms.
Each suite has a different style and layout.
- The 5 suites are between 70 m² and 35 m²
- The two rooms are 30 m²
- There is a separate lodge that has two bedrooms, each with bathroom, and a lounge area - Ideal for families -
The lodge is fully equipped and also has a fitted kitchen.-

Works of art, bright colours, large-sized beds, fireplace, original bathrooms, sunken bath, unusual furniture, sculptures and other decoration by artists...

Other info
To rest and relax make the most of: relaxing massages, oriental massages using argan oil, back or foot massages, facial hand or foot care, beauty care...

Eat with pleasure
Dishes are made with produce picked directly in the on-site garden and are carefully prepared and cooked. Everything is home-made.
Breakfast is hearty and tasty.

Such gourmet cooking is Hicham's passion and he will offer varied dishes, with many flavours that it will be a pleasure to taste!

To resume
A dream setting and an exceptional environment
Gourmet cuisine
An enchanting residence with kind, welcoming owners who are constantly available to help

It is impossible to convey how beautiful this setting is...

Price for 2 people bed & breakfast
Luxury Suite : 249 euros
Deluxe suite : 229 euros
Room : 182 euros
Lodge for Families : 275 euros